Western Canadian Short Line Railway Association

Western Canadian Short Line Railway Association

Keeping Short Lines on Track

Upcoming Events:

  • Quarterly Meeting: November 28th, 2019 - Regina


Areas of Focus


Safety means our friends and family returning home for dinner each evening. Our member short lines take additional care to protect their employees and their communities by using reduced speeds, increased track patrols, and yearly track x-ray and track geometry car tests to contribute to our reduced risk of derailment.


The WCSLRA works on behalf of its members to bring issues of importance to short line railways to the attention of regulators, politicians and public servants.  It is critical that government be informed of the particularities of short line rail when forming policy, laws and regulations, as our realities differ significantly from those of CN and CP. We work closely with producers and the businesses on our lines to ensure that our needs are reflected in government dealings that have major impact on our ability to operate.


We support our railways in meeting intensive safety protocols via the federal and provincial government's Safety Management Plans/Systems, as well as requirements set out in the Railway Safety Act. Our railways develop, review and communicate safety policies, ensure compliance with regulations, perform risk assessments, report safety concerns and participate in audits of their safety systems.

BUSINESS Development

Business development is critical to the continued success of our short line railways.  Promoting the affordability, convenience and superior service available by building on short line rail is an important element of the WCSLRA's mandate.


Rail is a popular, efficient and environmentally friendly transportation option. Transportation Minister Garneau has noted that over the past 30 years the volume of goods shipped by rail has doubled. Warren Buffet is 'all-in' in rail, and feels that rail is very cost-effective and "extraordinarily environmentally friendly".  The WCSLRA communicates rail industry information and benefits to media, stakeholders, and the general public.


The WCSLRA provides members with a forum to meet and discuss issues of importance to short lines, industrial railways, and suppliers, among other groups.  

Through day-long quarterly meetings and our annual trade show, members have ample opportunity to get to know each other and to discover areas where they can help each other.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke