Western Canadian Short Line Railway Association

Our Rail Lines

Our Rail Lines

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Big Sky Rail

Big Sky Rail provides producers with a competitive freight alternative and ensures that the railroad stays active and available for Saskatchewan's vast delivery needs.

CN running rights from Davidson northwest to Saskatoon, and Saskatoon southwest to Delisle, connect BGS with it's affiliated and preceding shortline, Last Mountain Railway. 


Carlton Trail.JPG

Carlton trail railway

1545 Fifth Ave.
Prince Albert, Sask.
S6V 7Z5

Fife Lake.png

Fife Lake 

Fife Lake Railway Ltd.
600Woodland Avenue  
Buena Vista, Sask.
S2V 1B3

Great Sandhills.jpg

Great Sandhills Railway Ltd.

At Great Sandhills Railway, we aim to provide quality and exceptional service to each and every customer. We work hard every day to be innovative, effective, and to meet the needs of our customers. We value the safety of each employee and everyone involved in the services we offer.

The Great Sandhills Railway (GSR) is a Canadian short-line railway company with its head office located in Leader, Saskatchewan established in 2009. Great Sandhills Railway operates a short-line railway in Saskatchewan on a former Canadian Pacific subdivision. The railway serves freight stations in Burstall, Mendham, Leader, Prelate, Sceptre, Porteeve, Lancer, Abbey, Cabri, Battrum, Pennant, Success, Cantuar, and Swift Current. It interlines with the Canadian Pacific Railway in Swift Current and consists of 198 kilometers of track.

GSR offers the following services along their line:

  • Switching
  • Railcar Storage
  • Transloading
  • AAR Certified Railcar Repair
  • Track Maintenance & Repair
Great Western Railway.png

Great Western Railway

GWR has been committed to supporting local communities and farmers and strives to maintain competitive rates for facilitating a thriving economy in the southwest.

Last mountain.png

Last mountain railway

Last Mountain Railway is 136 kilometers of rail running from northern Regina up to Davidson, Saskatchewan.

In 2009, this inactive track was destined for abandonment- but Mobile Grain co-founder, Sheldon Affleck, saw potential. With shareholder support, and the much appreciated cooperation of CN, the railroad was purchased and renamed Last Mountain Railway, in honor of its location

Long Creek Railway.png

Long creek rail

At LCR, community is important to us. We are a locally owned and operated short line, providing customers with loading sites along our 41 miles of track. Our main purpose is to provide producers an alternative that was once not possible. They now have the ability to find their own markets, and to load or have custom loaded their own grain, oilseeds, and pulses.

Long Creek Rail was established in 2012. It has 41 miles of former Canadian Pacific Railway track. The line begins at Estevan and continues west to Outram, Torquay, Bromhead, and ending at Tribune. 

Northern Lights.png

Northern Lights Rail

Red Coat.png

Red coat road and rail

The Red Coat Road & Rail has been in operation for 12 years and were one of the first short line railways in Saskatchewan. They were able to purchase the rail line Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) by selling shares. Seven elevators were saved along the rail line, offering producer spots along the line.

The historical operator of Red Coat Road & Rail was Southern Railway and their current operator is Great Western Railway. During the Southern Railway era, commodities were moved by a Brant truck.

Today, product collected along the rail line is taken to Assiniboia and picked up by CPR

Southern Rails.png

Southern Rails Cooperative Ltd.

Box 297
Avonlea, Sask.
S0H 0C0


Stewart Southern railway

Stewart Southern Railway Inc.
Box 70
Fillmore, Sask.
S0G 1N0


Thunder Rail

Thunder Rail Ltd.
Box 328
Arborfield, Sask.
S0E 0A0


torch River Rail

Torch River Rail Inc.
Choiceland, Sask.
S0J 0M0


wheatland railway

Wheatland Railway Inc.
Box 32
Hoey, Sask.
S0J 1E0


Battle River Railway

The BRR is a community owned rail line located in central Alberta, Canada. Our intent is to prevent further loss of transportation and agricultural infrastructure. The BRR operates as a user-friendly short-line where producers and other interested parties are able to consider both originating and terminating freight on the line.

Forty Mile Rail.jpg

Forty Mile Rail

Rail came to Foremost, AB, originally in 1913 – some 103 years ago. Forty Mile Rail has recently brought it back into working order. Today there is track running from Foremost, west to Stirling.

Forty Mile Rail’s main focus is to establish itself as a reliable delivery agent for its customer’s products to the main line. The primary market for Forty Mile Rail’s services is grain and pulse production, and oil movements are another potential market. 

Currently Forty Mile Rail Inc. has nearly 100 shareholders representing nearly 400,000 acres. There are both farm and non-farm supporters. 

Not only does this short line provide needed economic activity to the area, it opens global markets to producers.