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For a number of years Acadia Construction has been providing a wide variety of services to the railway industry in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta. Our staff are trained in ERailSafe and are available 24/7 to meet any emergency needs.

Our rail experience includes:

Train derailment services – Emergency response and clean up, on call 24/7

Coordination and assistance for major lift requirements – switch installs, panel placement, and crossings

Earthworks and subballast for track widening on major mainlines, spur lines

New construction including earthworks, drainage, and subballast for private industrial, and agricultural sites

Removal and reconstruction of problematic areas of existing rail including soil stabilization, installation of drainage systems, and reinstallation of subballast, ballast, and rail

Maintenance – snow removal and sand spreading, drainage improvements, erosion repair, crossing upgrades, right-of-way mowing

Boom truck operation and support