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CROSS COUNTRY CANADA / Supplies & Rentals

Who Are We:
Cross Country Canada is a full industrial supply and rental company deeply rooted and well established in the industrial infrastructure sector, specializing in pipeline, railway, power grid, mining and civil construction. We have a proven track record in the successful navigation and evolution of the ever-changing needs and requirements of the market and diverse customer base. 

What Sets Us Apart:
We are proud Canadians who believe integrity, hard work and building strong foundations are the key to long term success. Our diverse team of well-connected industry experts are highly experienced in every facet of construction and industrial infrastructure and have a comprehensive understanding of the geographical landscape of the country we operate in.  This experience allows us to provide responsive service and customized solutions to ensure our customers get the product they need, when they need it.

Rail Sales and Service:
Cross Country Canada Supplies & Rentals has a wide variety of Supplies and Rentals available for most industries. Railway tools and consumables from all the best Brand names.

With over 30 years of railway experience, If you need it we will have it or get it for you Fast!!