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Ultra-Traxx is a Canadian company based in Alberta, servicing Western Canada.

We run the latest rail flaw technology developed in North America. Our truck is suited for doing both short line and small industrial yards.

Ultra-Traxx has a OnePass ultrasonic unit to perform Stick/Relay on rail before it is installed into service to ensure that it is free from defects. The single-pass unit is portable, making it ideal for plug rail, frogs, switches, crossings and small or difficult to access yards. We have a track inspector unit to perform Gauge and Cross elevation readings if needed.

Ultra-Traxx Inc. has also developed a unique version of a Railcat. These units can be utilized with a full line of attachments both on and off rail. Blowers can be a multi-season attachment to disperse products such as grain, sawdust or fertilizer to reduce maintenance cost or to keep wildlife away from your rail movements.